In the midst of being investigated for drunk driving, Kim Sae-ron’s past driving broadcast attracts attention

While actress Kim Sae-ron (22) is being investigated by the police on suspicion of drunk driving, the previous broadcast scene in which she appeared has been re-examined.

According to the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on the 18th, Kim Sae-ron crashed into a structure while driving in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul at around 8:00 am that day. As a result of the police crackdown, it was reported that the blood alcohol level was measured.

kim sae ron

In this regard, past broadcast scenes related to Kim Sae-ron are being re-examined. Accordingly, Kim Sae-ron appeared on tvN’s ‘On and Off’ and showed the process of getting a driver’s license.

According to the current law, the age at which a driver’s license can be obtained is 18 years old, and in the broadcast, Kim Sae-ron revealed that she took the test as soon as she reached the age to obtain a driver’s license.

kim sae ron

At that time, the test results were excellent, so she boasted that she got a perfect score for off-road driving. All of the cast members at the time were surprised by Kim Sae-ron’s high-level driving skills, which were revealed through the broadcast.

kim sae ron

Previously, Sae-ron Kim shared a picture of herself enjoying the wind while driving on the road in a convertible car through her Instagram story.

The car she was riding is a convertible car from Company B, which is known to be worth about 200 million won, and it soon become a hot topic.

Source: Dispatch

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