Kim Sae Ron had a drinking birthday party two months after DUI scandal? The reason why her self-reflection is questioned

Shocking current situation of Kim Sae Ron has been revealed by YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho. 

On November 4th, entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho posted a new video about Kim Sae Ron on his channel, drawing attention. 

Lee Jin Ho said, “I thought a lot about whether or not to deal with Kim Sae Ron’s article. I talked to Kim Sae Ron’s acquaintances and said, ‘I handled it because I thought it was necessary for her sincere self-reflection’.”

Kim Sae ron

Lee Jin Ho added, Yesterday, I said that Kim Sae Ron was working part-time, and the agency said that it is true that she worked part-time after the accident to make a living, but she quit. But after I did the video, there were a lot of reports. Many of the contents were related to Kim Sae Ron’s drinking.”

Regarding Kim Sae Ron’s part-time job at a café, Lee Jin Ho said, “The officials didn’t believe it. She had never done it after debuting as a celebrity. We need to think about the authenticity of her self-reflection. At least, shouldn’t she be careful about drinking after the accident?”

Kim Sae ron

Lee Jin Ho went on to reveal, “Kim Sae Ron caused a DUI accident in May, and on July 13th, on her birthday, she sent party invitations directly to her friends.”

The photo, which was reported, contained the party’s address and supplies, and the supplies included alcohol, which shocked people.

Kim Sae ron

Lee Jin Ho continued, “This photo was sent to an acquaintance less than a month after Kim Sae Ron was sent to the prosecution for DUI. After seeing this, the question is whether she is sincerely self-reflecting. Of course, she is 22 years old, so she had a birthday party. But, as a celebrity, is going to a drinking party with friends less than two months after causing an accident is genuine self-reflecting?”

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