(G)I-DLE members become quintuplets & change their souls with each other in new “Up To (G)I-DLE” episode

Girl group (G)I-DLE impresses fans by showing fun and touching moments through their own variety content.

On August 23rd, the special last episode of (G)I-DLE’s variety content “Up To (G)I-DLE” was uploaded on the group’s official Youtube channel.

In this episode, (G)I-DLE members transform into quintuplets wearing the same outfits and even change their souls with each other. Miyeon becomes Minnie, Minnie becomes Yuqi, Soyeon becomes Miyeon, Yuqi becomes Shuhua and Shuhua becomes Soyeon. The members have to complete three missions to get back to normal.

(g)i dle

The first mission is “So Messy Heart Game”. Complaining about the weird beat when playing the game, Minnie later showed a demonstration. As Shuhua is speaking, Minnie imitates Yuqi’s voice and says, “Sit still, sister!”, drawing laughter with her amazing synchronization with Yuqi as soon as the game starts.

(G)I-DLE then challenges the second mission, which is called “Harmony Quiz”. Transforming completely into “princess” Miyeon, Soyeon points to herself when the keyword “angel” comes out. The members burst into laughter seeing Soyeon immersing herself into the concept wholeheartedly.

gi dle

Lastly, the members continue doing the “Opening Heart Talk”, in which they have to answer questions from the perspective of the soul they are carrying. (G)I-DLE surprises everyone by giving accurate answers, proving that they know everything about each other showcasing the group’s “true friendship” chemistry.

After completing all missions, (G)I-DLE members spend time writing letters to the soul they change into before gaining back their own appearance. They express gratitude toward each other, saying they understand the other’s mind and hardship through the filming. In particular, Shuhua, who struggles while acting as Soyeon throughout the episode, conveys her sincere heart to Soyeon, saying “When we were shooting something, we were so noisy and it made you suffer a lot. I can feel it properly now”, creating a warm atmosphere.

(G)I-DLE is currently meeting global fans through their second world tour “2023 (G)I-DLE WORLD TOUR [I am FREE-TY]”.

Source: Daum

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