Netizens impressed by SEVENTEEN’s reaction when a staff spilled coffee next to them

Boy group SEVENTEEN recently became a hot topic thanks to their sweet actions towards a female staff who made a mistake.

On May 12th, the YouTube channel “channel fullmoon” uploaded a new video of “The Game Caterers 2”, which features boy group SEVENTEEN.


That day, SEVENTEEN members spent time solving various quizzes with PD Na Young Seok and winning prizes. 

Later, they gathered in one room to take a break in the middle of the shoot. The members sat together, shared a blanket, and chatted with each other, showcasing their unique daily life moments.

However, while SEVENTEEN was enjoying their peaceful break, a female staff member came to bring them iced coffee, only to accidentally spilled everything on the floor.


As the coffee spilled next to the blanket, SEVENTEEN members got up right away, showing off their excellent sense and quick reaction.

Leader S.Coups immediately approached the staff, asking, “Are you okay?”. Noticing the staff’s confused expression after spilling the coffee, Jeonghan jokingly said, “Is this a hidden camera?”, to calm the atmosphere. 


Meanwhile, Dokyeom (DK) picked up all coffee cups and put them on the tray, and other members sat down and began to clean up the spilled coffee. 

They gathered all kinds of tissues, wet tissues, and towels to wipe the coffee and worked hard to clean up the mess quickly, creating a warm atmosphere.

Hoshi made everyone burst into laughter as he suddenly said, “The camera is still on, right?”, then made a V pose in front of the camera, certifying that he was wiping the spilled coffee diligently.


The members kept teasing each other and saying things like “You’re just cleaning it up just in case (the camera), right?” while continuing to reorganize the set and clean up the mess.

Upon seeing this, many fans and netizens alike applauded SEVENTEEN for showing pleasant and friendly attitudes towards the staff, who might have been embarrassed after accidentally spilling the coffee.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN released their 10th mini album “FML” last month and gained huge attention with the title songs “Super” and “F*ck My Life”.

Source: Insight

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