Netizens flock to Jimin’s SNS and demand her return to activities

After the conversation between AOA members, including Jimin and Kwon Mina, was revealed, netizens voiced to demand Jimin’s return.

Netizens flock to Jimin’s SNS and demand her return to activities

On September 8, Dispatch reported the dialogue related to the conflict between Kwon Mina and Jimin.

The dialogue contains conversations between Kwon Mina, who claimed that she was bullied by Jimin during AOA activities, Jimin who kept on apologizing, and other members of AOA who were trying to mediate and control the situation.

On July 3 last year, after Kwon Mina posted on her Instagram and accused Jimin of bullying her, the members of AOA, including ChoA, gathered at Kwon Mina’s house.

Netizens flock to Jimin’s SNS and demand her return to activities

Jimin expressed that she only wanted the best things for the members without knowing she had unintentionally hurt someone. Jimin cried and announced her intention to leave AOA.

When ChoA and Hye Jeong tried to mediate the conflict between them, Kwon Mina said, “Okay. I will accept her apology.” and promised that she would not upload more posts on her SNS.

After returning home, Jimin posted an apology on her SNS, but Kwon Mina continued to attack Jimin. In the end, Jimin announced her withdrawal from AOA and retirement from the entertainment activities. Moreover, she didn’t respond to any of Kwon Mina’s further revelations.

Because of Jimin’s unresponsiveness, Kwon Mina continued to send abusive messages to Jimin from November of last year to May of this year.

Some of Kwon Mina’s mentions of Jimin, “Where did you go Shin Jimin? We have to die together. It’s either I go, or you come. Come here.”, “I will take my revenge on you as long as I still alive, Jimin ah. I will never forget what you have done and said to me. I will make you pay for them at all cost.”

Contrary to Jimin’s apology was Kwon Mina’s continuous swears to Jimin. After Dispatch revealed the dialogue, netizens rushed to Jimin’s Instagram and left their comments: “Please come back”, “We are sorry for misunderstanding you”,…

Meanwhile, Jimin’s latest status has recently been posted on an online community. According to a resident living in the same building as Jimin, Jimin always keeps her head down whenever she gets outside.

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