Seohyun praised her own visuals, acts arrogant and exudes confidence

Girls’ Generation member and actress Seohyun is impressed with her own beauty, showing overwhelming confidence. 

On June 9th, Seohyun, a member of Girls’ Generation and actress, posted a video titled “Seohyun’s Private Life VLOG” on her official YouTube channel.

In the video, Seohyun can be seen going to a shop to receive makeup for her character Cha Joo Eun from the JTBC drama “Private Lives”.

After receiving the makeup, Seohyun expressed satisfaction, saying that the makeup look is an “art” that she can’t copy no matter how hard she tries. At the same time, she also praised herself for looking pretty in the makeup, to the point of being “thumbnail quality.”

The video also shows Seohyun going to watch a play, where her “Private Lives” co-stars Yoo Hee Je and Kim Bada performed. Accordingly, the “dress code” is to follow that of “Private Lives” characters. 

As a result, Seohyun wore the same clothes, earrings, hairstyle, sunglasses, and makeup as she did during “Private Lives”. While doing so, the idol actress revealed that she misses playing the role of Joo Eun, and that the character has become a part of her personality. Since Joo Eun is an experienced con artist, Seohyun also joked that she want to swindle people a little. 

Furthermore, when asked by Jang Jin-hee if she feels embarrassed, Seohyun confidently replied, “I’m so confident”, adding, “As I’m acting like Cha Jooeun, I keep lifting my chin. I keep acting arrogant.”

Source: Naver

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