G-Dragon unveils his unchanging “naughty beauty” selfie

BIGBANG leader G-Dragon shared his recent situation that exudes a youthful feeling.

On October 9th, G-Dragon, the leader of Kpop boy group BIGBANG, posted a photo on his Instagram story with the caption, “What should I do today. What should I eat?”


The published photo shows G-Dragon staring at the camera with his lips protruding. In the photo, G-Dragon exuded a youthful mood with an unpretentious expression and flushed cheek stickers. His clear features, such as his tall nose and dark eyes, also stood out.

bigbang still life 07042022 thumbnail 1

On the other hand, G-Dragon recently reunited with listeners via BIGBANG’s new single “Still Life”. He also just traveled to New York with his close friend – famous model-actor Lee Soo Hyuk.

Source: dispatch

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