“Transit Love 2” Jung Hyun Gyu was cast by JYP, friends with NCT Jae Hyun?

Jung Hyun Gyu, a participant in “Transit Love 2”, confessed his relationship with NCT Jae Hyun as well as several other anecdotes.

On January 5th, a video titled “A lovely 4-person Fridge Interview part 2 | Hae Eun X Na Yeon X Hee Doo X Hyun Gyu Fridge Interview” was published on YouTube channel “일일칠 – 117” (@ch117).

In the video, it was mentioned that Jung Hyun Gyu studied at the same school with NCT Jaehyun. In addition, past photos of Jung Hyun Gyu and NCT Jaehyun were also released.

transit love 2

Here, Nam Hee Doo talked about Jung Hyun Gyu, saying, “I’m glad we call each other friends now. You weren’t too crazy back then. Your eyes are dead. You don’t have that madness in the eyes.” Hearing this, Jung Hyun Gyu asked, “Like a country boy?”, to which Hee Doo gave a positive reply.

At the same time, Jung Hyun Gyu guessed that NCT Jae Hyun would remember him, explaining, “We used to go to the same cram school and hang out together. He probably knows of me.”

Jung Hyun Gyu then said, “It’s not easy for me to talk about me being the top 2 after him or something. Because he’s a celebrity. I’m happy that he is doing well because he’s a friend who is originally handsome, but it’s a little awkward when people around me keep saying, ‘He’s so handsome’ and ‘I’m going crazy because of Jae Hyun’.

transit love 2

The production team said, “Hyun Gyu is going through the same thing right now thou.” Jung Hyun Gyu continued, “They like Hee Doo more than me. Some even asked me to introduce them to Hee Doo,” to which Nam Hee Doo responded with a smile, “What are you talking about?

Afterward, Jung Hyun Gyu said, “I received casting offers a lot when I was young. I remember when I was in the third grade of middle school, and I was on crutches at the time. I was getting off my mom’s car on crutches when the JYP casting director saw me and waited until I finished school the next day to give my mom a business card, asking if she wanted me to be a celebrity,” he said.

Jung Hyun Gyu said, “First of all, I had no thoughts of being a celebrity. I had no talent at all.

Source: Herald POP

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