Oh My Girl YooA “No experience living alone”… Desire for a home (Where is My Home)

Oh My Girl YooA mentioned her desire for a home.

Oh My Girl YooA will appear on MBC’s “Where is My Home”, which is scheduled to air on Jan 8th.


YooA, who appeared as a coordinator for the Bok team, expressed confidence by saying that all Oh My Girl members who appeared on “Where is My Home” in the past had a 100% winning rate.

YooA revealed that she has never experienced an independent life as she has been living in a dorm for a long time. She mentioned her desire for a home, “If I live on my own, I want a house with high ceilings, a terrace and a luxurious bathtub.


In addition, Yang Se Hyung and YooA were fascinated by the beautiful view in the process of introducing a newly built detached house for sale. Accordingly, YooA raised expectations by saying that she will present her solo debut song “Bon voyage” against the backdrop of nature.

Meanwhile, “Where is My Home” will air at 10:45 PM on Jan 8th.

Source: Daum

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