aespa’s Winter showed off big appetite in new mukbang vlog

aespa’s Winter proved that she is not a small eater

On September 23rd, Winter’s mukbang video was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of aespa. In the video, Winter ordered a cheese omelette, multi-topping bread, eggs benedict, crepe and cereal.

Winter started eating in a sleeveless shirt. She took a bite of the cheese omelette, shouted “It’s cold,” and put on a shower gown. She seemed satisfied and said, “This is it,” and showed her determination to “try it properly.”

Then Winter started eating eggs benedict. She took a bite and savored it, then said firmly, “Jja.” Next, Winter changed her target to the crepe. The singer ate the crepe with chocolate jam and was satisfied, saying, “It’s delicious.”

She ate cereal and bread as well. Winter showed off her wittiness, saying, “I saw the camera trying to guess what I would eat next while I was eating.”

She continued, “When I order food with the members, I am usually the one who makes the order. I’m upset if I eat little for one meal.”

Meanwhile, aespa will kick off their tour in Europe from September 25th.

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