An antifan used TWICE’s Nayeon to “mock” another female idol for not getting a gift from IU

IU’s response has left an anti fan of DIA’s Yebin “speechless”. 

Fans of DIA’s Yebin are all aware of the fact that she is a huge fan of the “nation’s little sister” IU. Not only often attending her idol’s concerts, Yebin also regularly posts cover videos of IU’s songs on her Instagram.

DIA Yebin IU
Yebin always attends IU’s concerts

However, this is the reason why she has received malicious comments from anti fans. In the cover video of the song Between The Lips posted by the female idol in 2018, a netizen used TWICE’s Nayeon to mock Yebin and claimed that she did not have enough “fame” to be noticed by IU. 

Accordingly, the anti fan left a negative comment: “Did you know IU gave TWICE’s Nayeon a gift? Only famous idols receive IU’s love! Not you! Yebin. Look at you, you look pitiful.”

DIA Yebin IU
An antifan left malicious words under Yebin’s video

Just because she’s not as popular as Nayeon, the DIA member had to receive negative comments. However, in response to the netizen’s mocking attitude, the female idol responded that she did it simply because she is a fan of IU.

DIA Yebin IU
The female idol did it simply because she is IU’s fan

After that, ONCE – TWICE’s fandom, left comments apologizing on behalf of the anti fan and comforting Yebin. Notably, IU herself also quickly grasped the situation and commented under the post to show her support for the DIA member.

DIA Yebin IU
IU also commented to show her support for the DIA’s member 

The short response of IU has totally disregarded the thought “only famous idols can receive IU’s love” of the anti fan. Known as a female artist who treats her fans well, IU once again proves that she cares for anyone who supports her.

Source: K14

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