Han So Hee’s popularity among Korean artists skyrockets after 2021: A series of A-list stars want to see her at AAA

Not only fans, but many Korean stars also want to meet Han So Hee directly in real life.

Right after her debut, Han So Hee quickly received the attention of netizens for her beautiful visual.  She was nicknamed “little Song Hye Kyo” due to her similar appearance to her senior.  Her fame then skyrocketed thanks to her role in The World of the Marriage.

Han So Hee is quickly becoming one of Korea’s most sought-after beauties. Han So Hee captivates not only fans, but even big Kbiz stars. Specifically, at the Asia Artist Awards (AAA) 2021, the organizers conducted a survey among celebrities about which colleagues they most want to meet in real life. Han So Hee won the most votes, proving that a series of Korean singers and actors could not escape her charm.

Han So Hee popularity
Han So Hee is the one who received the most votes from celebrities in the survey of AAA 2021
Han So Hee popularity
She surpassed a series of A-listers like…
Han So Hee popularity
Han So Hee popularity
Squid Game actor Lee Jung Jae, Yoo Ah In
Han So Hee popularity
AAA 2021 gathers a large number of famous stars, among them many people want to meet Han So Hee in real life.

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