Netizens re-examine YouTuber Free Zia’s appearance before and after plastic surgery

While YouTuber and freelance model Free Zia (Song Ji-ah) is making headlines by appearing in “Single’s Inferno”, people are also raising curiosity about whether she had plastic surgery.

In the past, Free Zia talked about plastic surgery honestly through her YouTube channel. At that time, she shared, “I only had nose surgery. I didn’t get lip fillers or double eyelids.” When asked who she resembles more between her father and mother, Free Zia revealed her father’s past photos, saying, “I look after them equally.”

Free Zia plastic surgery

Free Zia’s father, who looks exactly like her, attracted attention with his gentle features which reminded everyone of foreign actors. Free Zia also posted pictures taken with her father on Instagram, exuding a warm atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Free Zia’s resemblance to IZ*ONE’s Jang Won-young, BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Han Chae-young once became a hot topic. She is currently active as a cast member of Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno“.

Free Zia (born in 1997, 25 years old)’s YouTube channel surpassed 770,000 subscribers. Besides, she has 917,000 Instagram followers.

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