The fact that this “Thirty Nine” actress has already been married for 9 years shocked many drama fans

Actress Jeon Mi-do, who only became famous after playing Chae Song-hwa of “Hospital Playlist”, was already married and has been a musical actress for over 10 years.

Actress Jeon Mi-do, who was born in 1982 and made her name be widely known to the public after appearing in the drama “Hospital Playlist”, is actually a musical star with 10 years of experience. Jeon Mi-do was a promising actress who did not appear on TV series or movies but spent most of her busy days on the stage of plays and musicals. She even won Rookie of the Year at the Korean Theater Awards.

jeon mi do

Along with the huge success of “Hospital Playlist”, the public’s interest in Jeon Mi-do also increased. Viewers who had been waiting for the rise of a new face immediately fell in love with Jeon Mi-do’s pure, confident, and charismatic appearance.

Not many people know that this “drama rookie” has already been recognized in the field of plays and musicals for a long time.

In addition, many fans were shocked when Jeon Mi-do confessed that she was already married on “Hospital Playlist Special”. The actress revealed that she got married to her non-celebrity husband whom she dated for 6 months after meeting each other for the first time on a blind date in 2013.

Jeon Mi-do said she asked her husband, who was not familiar with plays and musicals at that time, to watch her performance. After watching Jeon Mi-do’s stage, her husband was overwhelmed by her acting skills. The actress later fell in love with her husband, who loves her the way she is, and married him. 

jeon mi do

Jeon Mi-do showed affection for her husband, saying, “I’m very thankful that my husband has always supported my activities. Even on days that I’m really busy, my husband still stays next to me silently”.

jeon mi do

Meanwhile, Jeon Mi-do is starring in the drama “Thirty Nine” as Jeong Chan-young, a character who has only limited time left in her life.

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