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“This is not my place” Hwasa Delivers a Perfect “TWIT” Performance Under Pressure

Hwasa showcased her top-tier performance skills on “Dancing Queens on the Road.”

On the June 1st broadcast of tvN’s “Dancing Queens on the Road,” the cast members’ journey to the Haegeum Navy Festival, following a surprise guerrilla performance at the Naval Academy, was depicted.


Lee Hyori delivered an electrifying performance of her classic hit “10 Minutes.”

Watching from the waiting room, Kim Wan Sun and BoA, couldn’t help but admire Lee Hyo Ri’s overflowing charm and presence. 


Following Lee Hyori, Hwasa warmed up amidst tension. Upon hearing that Lee Hyori went down to the audience during her performance, Hwasa humbly remarked, “It doesn’t seem like my place is here.”

Contrary to her worries, Hwasa received enthusiastic cheers from the audience and delivered a perfect performance of her hit song “TWIT.” 

Source: Nate

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