Why Kpop fans send protest trucks to agencies to demand fairness for idols

Within the month of May alone, Kpop fans have sent at least three groups of trucks carrying protest messages to entertainment companies.


In particular, a few days ago, a group of ENHYPEN fans in Korea spoke up, demanding that Belift Lab remove female dancers from the choreography of ENHYPEN’s latest song, “Bite Me.” 

Shortly after, some EXO-Ls (fans of EXO) started running trucks with banners requesting the removal of Chen and Chanyeol from the group, citing the two members’ past controversies. 

Most recently, a truck expressing dissatisfaction with the long comeback delay of girl group EVERGLOW was sent by fans to Yuehua Entertainment’s building.


It can be seen that for Kpop fans, protesting with trucks in front of company buildings has become a popular method for demanding fairness for idols. In the past, when fans were dissatisfied with a company’s actions, they would typically trend hashtags and keywords on social media or send mass emails to the company. However, these actions were often ineffective. 

As a result, protest trucks have become popular in recent years. This approach stems from the fact that many management agencies completely ignored fans’ opinions and feedback for a long time. According to an employee who witnessed these incidents, trucks circling around the company’s building had an impact on them at various levels.

“The worst part is that higher-ups will start asking what is happening. If the CEO or others find out, it will be very serious,” the person shared.

Professor Kim Si Wuel from Konkuk University, also mentioned protest trucks as a method that poses a significant threat to Kpop entertainment companies, saying, “Management agencies are extremely concerned about presenting their best image. So, when fans involve unrelated elements (such as protest trucks), it can cause significant damages to the company. This means that complaints, which were once just online comments, have manifested into a more physical form that companies have no choice but to face.”

Additionally, using protest trucks is safer and more convenient for fans, compared to protesting in person. According to the CEO of Ad Total, a truck rental company, fans only need to pay $220 per day to rent a truck to drive around, erasing the worries of having to face the police or enduring harsh weather conditions or wasting time.

Source: Billboard

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