G-Dragon and Jennie were spotted working together on the same project after many rounds of relationship rumors 

Their ELLE’s pictorial garnered major attention. 

Singer G-Dragon (BIGBANG) and Jennie (BLACKPINK), who were embroiled in dating rumors are now caught in breakup rumors. 

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Even before the news of the two’s breakup was reported, photos of the date between Jennie and V (BTS)  spreading online already raised suspicions of a “transfer breakup”.

Image: Instagram ‘jennierubyjane’

 While G-Dragon and Jennie did not make an official statement on this issue, their separation was inferred.

Following such rumors, as G-Dragon and Jennie were spotted working on the same thing, attention drew in near.

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Two Chanel Ambassadors…Working on Elle’s pictorial together

On the 14th, Elle Korea caught eyes by releasing a cover photo for the November issue, which marked its 30th anniversary.

This was a stellar issue with many top stars such idols and actors as Jennie, G-Dragon, Kim Go-eun, Park Seo-joon, Lee Sung-kyung and Gong Yoo.

In the cover photo, G-Dragon added glamor with colorful accessories, wearing a Chanel tweed jacket.

He posed naturally with black horn-rimmed glasses, showing off a “bare face” glam with dark shading and freckle makeup.

In another photo, G-Dragon boasted his wild charm by posing for a ride in a sleeveless shirt.

Jennie also caught the attention of fans with her princess-like visual in the photoshoot.

Donning a straw hat, the female rapper wore a pure white tube dress and gently held up her skirt by hand.

Jennie Porsche

In another picture, she lay on a blue sofa in a black lace costume while staring at the camera seductively.

These two Chanel ambassadors had a special photoshoot to mark Elle’s 30th anniversary.

G-Dragon has been active as a Chanel Ambassador since 2016, and Jennie since 2019.

In fact, as seniors and juniors of the same agency, the two seem to have a lot of chance meetings besides working together on the same project.

When the pictorial was released, Internet users showed various reactions such as “Jennie and GD’s combination is crazy” and “The two are similar in this way”.

Jang Won-young G-dragon thumbnail

Recently, G-Dragon was wrapped in rumors of a romantic relationship with Jang Won-young (IVE).

This is because Jang Won-young’s clothes at the Miu Miu fashion show was similar to that of G-Dragon in the Chanel fashion show.

ive wonyoung thumbnail
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In addition, G-Dragon’s recent significant post on Instagram also fueled rumors of a romantic relationship. Specifically, he posted on his Instagram story on the 6th saying, “Thank you for the lovely gift”.

Image: Instagram ‘for_everyoung10’

The photo contained a gift from Miu Miu, and it was speculated that a sticker with Jang Won-young’s face was added under the phrase ‘lovely‘ to imply dating.

However, the dating rumors between G-Dragon and Won-young died down as quickly as they emerged.

Instagram ‘for_everyoung10’

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