Shin Se Kyung went for a night walk at 1 a.m on her business trip to Paris, “It’s not easy for me to take a stroll at night”

Moments of actress Shin Se Kyung on her recent Paris schedule have been revealed.

On December 23rd, a video titled “The 2nd legendary, Sae Kyeong in Paris” was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of EDAM Entertainment, Shin Se Kyung’s agency.

The released video shows Shin Se Kyung eating Bibimbap on a flight bound for Paris. The actress revealed her in-flight routine by adding the caption, “I always have Bibimbap or ramen.” She also had coffee and ice cream before taking a nap. 

After arriving in Paris, Shin Se Kyung showed her admiration for the view of Paris from the car’s window while heading to her accommodation. 

shin se kyung youtube

The next day, Shin Se Kyung was seen on the streets of Paris. Explaining why she was not inside despite the cold weather, the actress said, “I’m here to try on a few clothes for tomorrow’s photoshoot”, adding “We got here a little early and I prefer to show up on the dot. So I’m waiting here to get in exactly on time. I’m looking at these Christmas decorations. It’s so Christmassy.”

On the third day, Shin Se Kyung went somewhere to get her makeup done for her shoot. She took some photos of the Paris landscape while looking down the terrace and exclaimed, “So cool”.

shin se kyung youtube

After finishing the photoshoot, Shin Se Kyung went to a Michelin restaurant that she found on her own. She said, “I was craving for some hot soup because of the cold weather. That’s why I’m here to have some Udon”, adding that she ordered Tempura Udon. She continued, “It’s cold and I’m hungry. At the very least, I slept well, and I’m not really exhausted. So I believe I can have a proper night out today”. Shin Se Kyung then burst into laughter when she said, “You think I’m good at talking to myself, right?”.

shin se kyung youtube

While walking around the streets heading back to her accommodation after eating, Shin Se Kyung said, “When I come to Paris, it’s not easy for me to take a stroll at night. So while we’re all here, we’re going for a night walk. It’s almost 1 in the morning”. She exclaimed, “It’s my first time taking a night stroll. I love it”.

On the fourth day, Shin Se Kyung had dinner with her acquaintances and spent a relaxing time at a cafe where she could enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.

Source: Nate

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