“Following rumors of a romantic relationship with G-Dragon…” Jang Won-young came under another wave of false rumors 

Jang Won-young was once again surrounded by groundless rumors from the online community. 

Recently, a video was circulated on YouTube, saying that Jang Won-young had a fight with YoonA at the “Miu Miu” fashion show in Paris and that she was not on the invitation list. They also claimed that Jang Won-young attended the fashion show with the help of G-Dragon.

Image: Wonyoung’s Instagram

However, Jang Won-young has been working as an Ambassador for “Miu Miu” brand since 2021. While the false rumors of Won-young’s couple look with G-Dragon continued to spread through YouTube channels, including “Sojang”. Nevertheless, the posts still received malicious comments. 

ive wonyoung rumor
The videos on Jang Won-young

The clothes are from the “Miu Miu 23 Holiday Collection”, which has not yet been released, and are scheduled to be unveiled in November.

ive wonyoung rumor
Nate edition

Sojang” is considered one of the representative YouTubers who produce fake rumors about Jang Won-young.

The account holder of the channel has a history of criticizing idols online, including Facebook, Twitter, DC Inside, Instiz, and Tistory since the days first-generation idols were popular. The poster is now known to be a woman in her mid- to late 40s.

ive wonyoung rumor
The following is “Sojang”’s YouTube 

“Sojang” has a history of making groundless claims about Jang Won-young, saying things such as “She copies Freejia” and “The members (IVE) are not on good terms”. They also recruit part-timers to make negative remarks about the idol’s YouTube videos.

ive wonyoung rumor

In response, Starship Entertainment has said it will take legal action against false information and malicious comments related to its artists starting from 2019, and it is reported that the company is operating a monitoring team and collecting posts that discredits Jang Won-young and other artists under its wings.

ive wonyoung rumor

Netizens who watched the rumor video about Jang Won-young criticized the YouTuber, saying, “Why are you like that to a young girl?”, “It [the behavior] is really ugly”, “Why are you so obsessed with Jang Won-young?”

Source: wikitree

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