Seo Hyun-jin’s wrong choice… 10 years ago, she fell for a conciliation (Why Her)

In SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her” (written by Kim Ji-eun/directed by Park Soo-jin, Kim Ji-yeon), Seo Hyun-jin’s wrong choice changed her fate.

Episode 11 of “Why Her“, which aired on July 8th, recorded 7.2% in the metropolitan area and the highest rating of 9.1% (based on Nielsen Korea), ranking first in the same time period as well as among Friday-Saturday dramas. The 2049 viewership rating also topped the list with 2.6%. Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin) and Gong Chan (Hwang In-youp) recalled the “Kim Dong-gu incident” that had been buried deep for different reasons.

Oh Soo-jae was engulfed in shock and confusion. She could not believe that Kim Dong-gu (Hwang In-youp/Lee Eugene), the client she met while working as a public defender, was the same person as Gong Chan. The rooftop room, which was locked like Gong Chan’s heart, was filled with records and traces of the incident 10 years ago. It was even more complicated to know that Choi Tae-kook (Huh Joon-ho), who was serving as chief prosecutor at the time, and Seo Joon-myeong (Kim Young-pil), the prosecutor in charge of the case, remembered her as “a person who trusted them until the end“.

Gong Chan headed to the charnel house where his step sister Jeon Na-jeong (Hwang Ji-ah) was enshrined without knowing anything about what happened in the rooftop room. He was convinced that the skeleton found at the construction site in Yeongpyeong was Jeon Na-jeong. And he heard an unexpected story from Baek Jin-gi (Kim Chang-wan), the president of Seojung University Law School, whom he met there. Baek Jin-gi said that his daughter had an accident 10 years ago and she was helped by Jeon Na-jeong at the time. Then, the past scene in which Kang Eun-seo (Han Sun-hwa), who runs away as if being chased by someone, meets Jeon Na-jeong in front of a convenience store drew attention to the relationship between the two incidents.

Gong Chan thought that Oh Soo-jae might have learned everything in the rooftop room through the contact of Gu Gu-gap (Jo Dal-hwan). It didn’t go the way he wanted it to, from confessing that he was Gong Chan to proving that the skeleton was Jeon Na-jeong. On the way home from drinking alcohol to soothe his upset, Gong Chan wandered through night streets in the pouring rain. Then Oh Soo-jae appeared. Before Gong Chan could even speak, she said “I don’t want to hear anything. Don’t say anything to me” and turned around coldly. Oh Soo-jae already knew everything.

But there was no time to delay in sorrow. First, Gong Chan began to check whether Noh Byeong-chul (Kim Han-jun), who has been serving his 9-year sentence, is the real culprit. Gong Chan and Noh Byeong-chul met in the prison visiting room. Gong Chan, who had been distrusting Noh Byeong-chul’s confessions and statements, said, “My sister, you killed her.” Gong Chan asked why Noh Byeong-chul killed her and threw her into the sea. But his answers were suspicious and questionable. Gong Chan once again seemed convinced of his judgment, saying, “As expected, you’re not the one. Be sure to come up for parole. I’ll wait.”

It was also necessary to check whether the DNA of Jeon Na-jeong and the skeleton matched. When Gong Chan failed to persuade his father Kim Sang-man (Seo Jin-won), he revealed that he was Kim Dong-gu to Jeon Na-jeong’s mother Ji Soon-ok (Bae Hae-sun), who came to law school just in time. Regarding this, Ji Soon-ok denied the reality, saying, “Our Na-jeong isn’t dead.” Legal Clinic Center’s members who watched this raised questions about “Kim Dong-gu”. Oh Soo-jae called Gong Chan after hearing from Song Mi-rim (Lee Joo-woo) that Gong Chan claimed the skeleton found at the construction site in Yeongpyeong as Jeon Na-jeong.

Oh Soo-jae stopped Gong Chan from running towards her and continued the call from a distance. Instead of answering Oh Soo-jae’s question, Gong Chan apologized for not telling her that he was Kim Dong-gu. However, when Gong Chan said that he did not mean to deceive her, Oh Soo-jae firmly cut him off, saying, “You deceived me, Kim Dong-gu.” In the continuing conversation, the two talked about the incident “10 years ago” for the first time since their reunion. Oh Soo-jae told Gong Chan to keep the distance “this much” and turned around.

In the end, Oh Soo-jae and Gong Chan became distant again. Gong Chan’s one word “I wanted to live as a decent person” to Oh Soo-jae, who constantly pushed him away, was heartbreaking. He erased Kim Dong-gu’s life, which was more painful than death, and is now living a new life as Gong Chan. In a corner of his heart where he felt sorry and guilty for Oh Soo-jae, there was a sense of helplessness and defeat towards himself, who could not be anything as Kim Dong-gu.

At the end of the broadcast, the story from Oh Soo-jae’s point of view was newly revealed, drawing attention. At that time, Kim Dong-gu was able to get rid of the false accusation, but Oh Soo-jae gave up on pleading innocence. There was a conflict as a practical head of household who had to take responsibility for her mother and two older brothers, and a conciliation of Baek Jin-gi, a professor at the Judicial Research and Training Institute at the time, saying, “Do what is right.” Recalling her choice, she said, “I abandoned Kim Dong-gu. I abandoned you.” The narration of Oh Soo-jae, who blamed herself for abandoning Gong Chan, made viewers even more curious about the fate of the two and the direction of their relationship.

Meanwhile, episode 12 of “Why Her” will air at 10 PM on July 9th.

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