FTISLAND Lee Hongki Suffers from A Rare Condition, But Thought to be Lying

Lee Hongki of FTISLAND mentioned having a rare condition which is hard to explain, causing people to think he was lying.

On December 18, FTISLAND member and actor Lee Hongki appeared on the YouTube Channel “HSKorea”. In the revealed video, he confessed, “I have had a disease called Hidradenitis suppurativa since middle school.”

According to the male idol, Hidradenitis suppurativa is a condition that takes an average of 7 to 10 years to diagnose, and many patients suffer from embarrassment, pain, and depression due to frequent surgeries. 

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“It is a disease that significantly interferes with daily life and social activities”, Lee Hongki said, adding, “I have experienced leaving a broadcast or canceling schedules like concerts while suffering from this condition. I couldn’t move, sing, and it was not easy to take a flight.”

He also shared, “At one point, it was so serious that I didn’t even know when blood would burst, pus would come out, and it was so serious that I carried spare underwear with me. The pain and discomfort were not at the level of acne when it occurred in my body. It was so painful that if there is Santa Claus, I would wish for a new butt as a Christmas gift”. 

“When I had to leave a shoot, couldn’t take a flight, or had to cancel a performance, it was very difficult to mention (the disease). I didn’t know how to explain it, and it was embarrassing. People thought I was pretending to be sick. Even the (FTISLAND) members thought so”, Lee Hongki also confessed.

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Then, Lee Hongki addressed those with similar conditions, saying, “It will be difficult to reveal it. But once you explain it accurately, your heart becomes more comfortable. I can now receive treatment and therapy comfortably. It is definitely not your fault. You don’t need to blame yourself or feel embarrassed.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hongki started his entertainment career as a child actor and has been active as a member of the group FTISLAND and as a solo singer since 2007.

Source: Wikitree

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