“Big Mouth” surpassed “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, now 1st place in content ranking

Lee Jong Suk’s K-drama “Big Mouth” has surpassed other airing TV dramas to take first place. 

On August 16th, the OTT integrated search and content recommendation platform Kinolights announced its content ranking for the 2nd week of August (August 6th to 12th). This ranking includes both contents within the OTT service and movies currently being screened at movie theaters, with “Big Mouth” recently assumed first place.

Lee Jong Suk

In particular, the MBC Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” has maintained the top spot in the ranking after beating “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” on August 8th. The series follows Park Chang Ho, a lawyer with a winning rate of 10%, who became involved in a murdered case and was unjustly convicted, and his search to find the genius con artist “Big Mouse”, at the same time unveiling the true face of the privileged class.

The explosive chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Yoona, who play the male and female lead, and the series’ curious development have been drawing hot reactions from viewers since day one, leading to “Big Mouth” breaking its personal records in viewership ratings every episode.

big mouth

Meanwhile, 2nd place was assumed by the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which follows the autistic lawyer Woo Young Woo as she solves cases and navigates the law world. 

Despite “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” witnessing a decline in viewership, it still maintains the highest ratings of the current time period, at 14%. The drama, which only has 2 episodes left, also receives a lot of attention. 

extraordinary attorney woo

Although the ranking has dropped by one step, it still maintains the first place in the viewership ratings of the same time period at 14%, and attention is focused on the ending with only two episodes left until the end.

In 3rd place is the Netflix original movie “Carter”, which revolves around an amnesiac man who jumps into a hostage rescue operation following instructions heard through an ear-mounted device. Despite the combination of director Jeong Byung Gil, who directed the movie ‘The Villainess,’ and famous actor  Joo Won, who is returning to the big screen for the first time after 7 years, audiences have been showing mixed reviews.


The 4th place belongs to ENA’s military series drama “Rookie Park 1” (literal translation), which is based on a YouTuber animation of channel “Studio Jangbbijjiu”. The drama has so far been receiving favorable reviews for its realistic story.

5th place is taken by the movie “The Hunt”, which was released on August 10th. The movie, which is Lee Jung Jae’s directorial debut, features the famous actor and Jung Woo Sung, and immediately topped the box office. “The Hunt” unfolds when National Security Agency agents start to suspect each other of being a notorious spy. 

the hunt

On the other hand, “The Roundup” – a movie about a crime-fighting operation that goes back and forth between Korea and Vietnam, and “Prey” – a Disney+ original movie about the battle for survival of a tribe 300 years ago, took 6th and 7th place. 

The move “Roaring Currents” – which recorded 17 million audiences, the JTBC Saturday drama “Good Detective 2” – which showed a solid storyline, and the Park Chan Wook movie “Decision to Leave”, landed in 8th, 9th, and 10th places, respectively. 

son seok gu the roundup

In addition to the weekly content ranking, Kinolights provides an OTT trend ranking chart that allows viewers to check the overall popularity of OTT services, and a content ranking chart of Netflix, Wavve, TVING, Disney+, and Watcha. This ranking is calculated by analyzing about 100,000 movie, drama, and TV entertainment data and domestic and foreign media trend data.

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