BTS Jimin carelessly plays with the microphone, attacking fans’ hearts

BTS member Jimin’s spectacular microphone performance has caught a lot of attention.

Liam Payne of the British band ‘One Direction’ was also impressed.

During the three days of the 5th, 6th and 8th (local time), BTS held a LOVE YOURSELF concert tour at Staples Center in LA, USA.

The boy group has performed the so-called ‘So What’ stage, which was considered impressive for its exciting rhythms.

At the end of ‘So What’, Jimin made an eye-catching show with the brilliant playing of the microphone.

It only happened really quickly, but fans exploded because of the short performance.

After the performance, a fan tagged Liam Payne, who frequently shows mic performances on stage, into the gif.

Afterwards, Jimin’s mic flip performance and Liam’s tweet went viral and became a hot topic among fans.

Sources: insight

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