From Song Hye Kyo to IU, K-drama stars with outstanding transformations 

Moving past the image that viewers were familiar with, these actors impressed in more challenging roles. 

It’s necessary for actors to step out of their comfort zone if they want to be recognized for their diverse acting range. Actors who were associated with certain images and have the courage to renew themselves have earned much praise. 

Song Hye Kyo

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Despite being a top actress, Song Hye Kyo’s acting still received mixed reactions as viewers claimed they were tired of her playing similar characters across her works and refusing to do something new for a change. 

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However, this has changed after the release of “The Glory”. This is considered Song Hye Kyo’s boldest on-screen transformation. No longer playing a pretty female lead in a melodrama, Song Hye Kyo transformed into a vengeful and emotionally complex character who seeks revenge. 

Through “The Glory”, Song Hye Kyo has really stepped out of her comfort zone, receiving countless positive reviews from the public. Part 1 of the series has become a hit, raising expectations for Song Hye Kyo’s brilliant performance in the upcoming Part 2.  

Namgoong Min

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Namgoong Min shot to fame thanks to his villain portrayal, starting with “The Girl Who Sees Scents” in 2015. Viewers once remembered Namgoong Min only for his villain roles. But when he took on the lead role in “Good Manager” as a protagonist, his transformation stunned viewers. Namgoong Min captured the hearts of many with his humorous and natural acting.

With his unstoppable range, Namgoong Min quickly became a trustworthy actor who guarantees the success of every project he is cast in. In fact, there are very few actors in K-drama land who can nail both good and evil roles as flawlessly as Namgoong Min.


hotel del luna

“The nation’s little sister” was associated with an innocent image for a long time. In the early stages of her acting career, IU often played pure and somewhat weak female lead characters. Although such drama roles suited her, they didn’t make her acting shine that much. 

Transforming into a fierce character in “Hotel Del Luna” and taking on a more challenging, complicated role in “My Mister”, IU finally managed to show off her acting skills that were doubted before. 

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won is loved for her captivating and elegant aura. Therefore, she was cast in the roles of rich and fierce second female leads in “The Heirs” and “Descendants of the Sun”, which suited her perfectly.

However, Kim Ji Won did not want to stick to the same image. In “Fight For My Way”, she transformed into a bright and cheerful female lead. In “My Liberation Notes”, she played a timid and introverted character, leaving a strong impression with her delicate acting. 

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