A chocolate-making clip by Jennie (BLACKPINK) on Valentine’s Day raises suspicion about her relationship with Teddy 

BLACKPINK Jennie’s cheerful expression while making chocolate drew attention. 

On February 14th, a video titled “Valentine’s Day vlog” was uploaded on BLACKPINK Jennie’s YouTube channel “Jennierubyjane Official”.

blackpink Jennie

In the video, Jennie can be seen appearing in the kitchen and saying, “I’m going to go meet TEDDY today at the company, so I will make a chocolate set for him.”

Then, as she waited for the water to heat up and the chocolate to melt, Jennie did an “outfit of the day” (OOTD) session, and said that she wore something pink to match Valentine’s day. At the same time, the female idol shows off her green tea machine, which she got as a gift. 

blackpink Jennie

Afterwards, Jennie talked about her homemade chocolate, saying, “Today’s concept is all about

chocolate you can simply make at home. It’s not fancy at all. I actually like white chocolate the most, but I’ll go with the regular chocolate first.”

blackpink Jennie
blackpink Jennie

As she finished unmolding and wrapping the chocolate, Jennie admired her results and said, “I think I got busted about not having great hand skills, but only BLINKS will be watching this.”

It can also be seen that the chocolate that Jennie is giving to Teddy consists of one with the letter “T” and three heart-shaped chocolates. 

In 2017, BLACKPINK Jennie and YG’s producer Teddy were caught in dating rumors, according to an industry insider, despite a large 17-year age gap between them. Confronted with the news, YG gave a vague response: “It’s our first time hearing of these rumors between Jennie and Teddy.” Fans and netizens were suspicious about the real relationship status between the singer and the producer. 

Six years later, a clip released by Jennie gave rise to the relationship controversy between her and Teddy once again. Netizens responded by saying that after the two stars had broken up, they went back to a professional relationship. On the contrary, a majority of netizens stressed that Jennie and Teddy have never dated; hence, she was able to talk about Teddy in a carefree manner.

Source: Daum 

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