Ji Chang Wook’s captivating visual in newly-released drama –  The Sound Of Magic

Not disappointing fans, Ji Chang Wook is excellently handsome in The Sound Of Magic.

Released on Netflix on May 6, “The Sound Of Magic” is currently receiving a lot of public attention. This is also the drama marking the return of actor Ji Chang Wook after two years.


In “The Sound Of Magic”, Ji Chang Wook plays a mysterious magician named Lee Eul. This magician lives alone, freely in a park that has been abandoned for a long time. Lee Eul meets Yoon Ah Yi (Choi Sung Eun) and the two become close as if they’ve met before.

This encounter changed the life of magician Lee Eul. Lee Eul seemed to have been heard, trusted, and set free from his heart’s troubles. At the same time, this encounter assists Ah Yi in healing her soul and maturing.

Lee Eul looks to be a mysterious and handsome man. With soft, seductive facial features, he has a romantic attractiveness. His magic tricks are similarly wonderful, and they have a unique appeal for moviegoers.


Ever since the first image of the character Lee Eul was announced, Ji Chang Wook has been praised by fans for his attractive appearance that is different from previous works. And the actor did not let fans down when perfectly portraying the character of romantic and mysterious magician Lee Eul.

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