The cast of “Wednesday” through anime art: Wednesday suddenly became soft and cute?

Fans have tried using an AI to get anime art versions for the cast of Netflix “Wednesday”, leading to surprising results. 

The Netflix drama “Wednesday”, which focuses on Wednesday Addams from The Addams family, has been the talk of town. As a result, many people have tried combining the series with a currently viral AI anime art trend, leading to surprising images. 

First, the “anime version” of female lead Wednesday looks completely unlike herself. Unlike the deadpan Wednesday portrayed by Jenna Ortega, the anime Wednesday was blushing and boasts cute and sweet vibes. In addition, Wednesday’s iconic braids were completely gone. 

Meanwhile, Wednesday’s younger brother Pugsley was transformed from a soft and meek guy into a gangly man. Nevertheless, it seems that his timid demeanor can still be seen.

Wednesday’s father Gomez, whose slim and handsome visuals in his youth completely shocked the audience, was also put through AI. The anime version of him is handsome and manly with a touch of rebelliousness – the exact elements that won over his wife. 

The most drastic transformation has to belong to Lurch, who went from pale and ghostly to a cold butler image that steals hearts in anime. 

The “anime version” of Tyler turns him from a rather boyish guy to a full adult with lethal charms. In fact, his “villain aura” can be seen more clearly in this artstyle. 

Xavier’s transformation is perhaps the most faithful to his on-screen version. From the hairstyle, the hair color, to the clothes, there’s little difference that can be seen. 

From a nerdy guy with messy hair and eyeglasses, Eugene looks more cunning through the anime artstyle. In fact, he even looks like the direct competition of Tyler and Xavier. 

Since she was already cute and bubbly, Wednesday’s roommate and best friend had a seamless transformation into the anime style. However, she also became less colorful!

In her anime version, the iconic glasses of Thornhill are completely gone. Now, she looks younger and attractive, but cold like a villain would be. 

Nevermore headmaster Weem transforms into a version decades younger through the “drawing AI”. Suddenly, her short hair becomes long and wavy, while her clothes sparkle like a Disney princess. 

Since it is a severed hand, not much is expected from the anime version of Thing. However, the AI turned him into a full human, though without any eyes, mouth, or nose.  

Finally, through the AI program, the full Addams family becomes a quartet of anime guys. The shape of their clothes are partly retained, but for some reason, they all have sharp chines and odd short hairstyles. 

Source: k14

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