An actor who disappeared for 6 years due to a rare disease, then reappeared after renewing his handsomeness

Afterwards, Shin Dong-wook took the leading role in the drama “Soulmate“, which can be said to be his heyday.

Soulmate” did not have high ratings, but it is still a drama that was loved by young people. After that, he met viewers through “War of Money” and so on.

Shin Dong-wook

However, he was diagnosed with “complex regional pain syndrome” while serving in the military in 2010. It was found to be a rare and incurable disease, and he was discharged early from mandatory military service in 2011. This disease is said to be accompanied by more pain than dismemberment or childbirth. It hurt so much that he even broke his teeth while clenching them.

Shin Dong-wook

Because of this disease, Shin Dong-wook disappeared for six years and stopped acting. After that, he returned to the entertainment industry in 2016 and showed himself wearing gloves. And he transformed into a writer with his first full-length novel “Writing, Space Journal“.

Shin Dong-wook

In 2017, he made his acting comeback through the drama “The Guardians” after six years. He also appeared in other works such as “Live“, “Dr. Romantic 2“, “Reflection of You” and “Now, We Are Breaking Up“. Recently, he worked with Im Soo-hyang in “From Today We“.

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