From Kim Hye Soo to Yoo Ah In, stars born in 1970 who are still going strong vs. stars born in 1986 who are taking over the industry

While actors born in 1970 were very active on dramas and movies this year, junior actors born in 1986 are following in their footsteps.

In particular, the Korean movie industry is lucky to have actors of different generations cheer for each other and compete in good faith to create great synergy for the industry.

Below are the actors from 2 different generations, but both groups are at the center of the box office scene in Korea. The list is in Korean alphabetical order.

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Kim Hye Soo

Kim Hye Soo thumbnail

Kim Hye Soo is the only actress born in 1970 that is active in Chungmuro. It is not easy for an actress to survive in Chungmuro, but it is even more meaningful how Kim Hye Soo makes it with curiosity. Another important point is that regardless of gender, Kim Hye Soo takes good care of the people around her. This must be why Kim always ranks as the number one role model that juniors actor want to follow.

Juvenile Justice

This year, Kim Hye Soo has received many favorable reviews for her transformation through her character in the Netflix drama “Juvenile Justice.” As she melted into the role of Judge Shim Eun Seok, she did not only digest the difficult character but also made impossible things in our society through her acting.

In addition, in the tvN drama “Under The Queen Umbrella,” which depicts the royal struggle of the Queen Consort as she brought up her trouble-ridden princes, Kim Hye soo portrayed a mother who is willing to do anything to face any crisis and protect her children.

kim hye soo the queens umbrella thumbnail

Ryu Seung Ryong

Following the movie “Perharps Love” (2021), “Life is Beautiful” was a movie that allowed viewers to feel Ryu Seung Ryong‘s comical acting to their heart’s content. Ryu perfectly portrayed the role of a father named Kang Jin Bong, whose words and actions are blunt, but he values his heavy responsibility as the head of a household.

ryu seung ryong

The jukebox movie “Life is Beautiful” reminded viewers of how precious family is and how many have taken it for granted, along with the songs that have been loved regardless of time and generation. Ryu Seung Ryong’s comedy is always a welcoming genre.

Yoo Hae Jin

Yoo Hae Jin succeeded in transforming his image by playing the role of a king for the first time since his debut in the movie “The Night Owl.” Despite his friendly and warm image that was thought to be only suitable for ordinary characters, Yoo Hae Jin has successfully recreated a King In Jo, who is sensitive and weak and easily gets excited about trivial things.


As Yoo’s career grows, many say he looks the same regardless of genre and character due to his natural acting tone. In addition, it may be because he has appeared in so many works that the public is overly familiar with him now. However, Yoo Hae Jin is evolving every moment, bringing out new images that the public can never expect.

Lee Byung Hun

In “Emergency Declaration,” Lee played Jae Hyuk, a passenger on a plane to Hawaii and a father who decided to leave Korea with his daughter who was bullied due to atopy.

Lee Byung-hun

His role is only an ordinary father, but he is made into a heroic figure who controls of the movie’s pace amid the crisis with his sharp intuition.

His other role this year, the truck driver and everything dealer Lee Dong Seok in the drama “Our Blues,” is a friendly character that Lee Byung Hun wants to see more often.

Hwang Jung Min

“Did you hear Satan?” Hwang Jung Min once again pocketed another buzzword. In director Yoon Jong Bin’s first Netflix production, “Narco-Saints”, Hwang Jung Min played a pastor who used his sacred job to hide his identity of a drug king struggling in corruption and desire.

Hwang Jung Min

The villain Jeon Yo Hwan was born differently through Hwang Jung Min’s character analysis. His facial expression can cause both fear and laughter at the same time.

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Ryu Jun Yeol

In his third movie “The Night Owl,” which he worked on with Yoo Hae Jin, Ryu Jun Yeol succeeded in winning the hearts of the audience by playing the blind acupuncturist Chun Kyung Soo. In other words, Ryu Jun Yeol proved that he can play this kind of role as well by breaking away from the cheerful, refreshing, and clumsy appearance of Mook in the movie “Alienoid.”

ryu jun yeol

“The Night Owl” has become a box office hit in the second half of this year, surpassing other highly expected domestic and foreign films.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol hosted the opening ceremony of the 27th Busan International Film Festival held in October this year, drawing cheers and admiration from Korean filmmakers.

Park Jung Min

Park Jung Min, who was born in 1987, is also one of the actors representing the 86-liners. As an actor and director, he also directed the short film “Unframed – Presidential Election” last year. Directing is not an unfamiliar field to him, who diligently discovered his talent beyond acting through writing.

Park Jung-min

He made a surprise appearance as Hong San Oh in Park Chan Wook’s movie “Decision to Leave” this year, surprising audiences and fans.

Byun Yo Han

Byun Yo Han was recognized for his acting skills through the movie “Hansan: Rising Dragon” and has grown one step further. He won the Best Supporting Actor at the 58th Daejong Award and 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards respectively, proving his abilities.

Byun Yo Han

After his impressive performance in the drama “Mr. Sunshine” the following year after the movie “Haru” (2017), he took a long break for about three years. Viewers are looking forward to seeing how he will appear in the new drama “Uncle Samsik” alongside Song Kang Ho.

Ahn Jae Hong

Ahn Jae Hong is also one of the names representing the 86-line as an actor and director. Although he did not meet the audience with any new work this year, he finished filming a new movie called “Rebound” based on the true story of the Busan Central High School basketball team.

reply 1988

Ahn Jae Hong is known for his moderation techniques and unpredictable character analysis in genres such as comedy, romance, and drama. He is both funny and cute as he easily digests scenes that might be awkward for other actors.

Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In, who went back to 1988 through the Netflix movie “Seoul Vibe,” showed a bright and flexible face instead of his heavy and serious previous characters as Dong Wook, a genius driver.

Yoo Ah-in

Meanwhile, his new movie “Victory,” in which he will collab with the 1970-born actor Lee Byung Hun, is drawing expectations ahead of its release on Netflix. It is no doubt that this movie, created by “acting masters” of 2 generations, will capture the skilled actors’ fantastic team play.

Yoo Ah In has also finished filming the new movie “High Five” with Ahn Jae Hong, raising questions about his character’s transformation once again.

Source: OSEN

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