From Jeon Somi to Kang Daniel, sad yet courageous confessions regarding school violence

A lot of support is pouring out for courageous confessions regarding school violence by entertainment stars such as Jeon Somi, Kang Daniel, Wonstein and Park Na Rae.

Appearing on the YouTube content “Song Yoon Ah by PDC” on July 12th, Jeon Somi confessed that she was bullied in elementary school.

Jeon So-mi

She said, “I transferred to an elementary school in Korea. At first, everybody said I looked like a doll because it was their first time meeting a biracial kid. For the next two days, I was the most popular kid at my new school. The day after I transferred, there was a student election. My entire classmates pressured me to participate, so I participated without really knowing what it was all about and won with the most votes.”

She continued, “But then, there was this girl who prepared so hard, and I think she got really frustrated about the result. All her work went to waste because of a newcomer like me. And she began to bully me along with her friends. She began making me an outcast, which continued until the first semester of 6th grade.”

Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel, who won first place on Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2”, also revealed that he was bullied due to frequent transfers during his elementary school days.

Kang Daniel said, “I’ve had my game account stolen a few times. I’ve had my wallet stolen in school too.”

At the same time, Kang Daniel expressed his anger towards the perpetrators, “Even if the bullies’ personal information is disclosed, some will still keep being bullies. They’re the worst. Even if you tell the bullies’ parents, they’ll say, ‘My son didn’t do anything wrong!’ So I have no idea what this could be. I don’t think there’s a solution.”


Wonstein confessed that the school violence he suffered in middle school led to violent self-harm. He added that he had been robbed of money.

Following Wonstein’s story, Park Na Rae also carefully talked about her childhood. She confessed, “They publicly cursed at me for no reason, and even threw stones and trash at me.”

Koyote Baekga

As such, courageous confessions of entertainment stars who have a positive influence on the public continue. In response, the public expressed their support by leaving comments such as “The more I know them, the more wonderful they are”, “I hope they can cheer up” and “They grew up well.”

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