This person taking a mirror selfie on the subway is a famous actress 

On October 12th, an actress posted a photo of herself using the Seoul subway 

On October 12th, actress Park Ha Sun posted a photo on her Instagram story with the caption, “Watched the premiere and rode the subway together”.

Park Ha-sun

In the published photo, the actress can be seen taking a photo on the public subway while hiding her face with a mask. 

On the same day, Park Ha Sun wore a black blazer jacket and a red cross-body bag, while taking a picture of herself in the mirror. She also added the caption, “Cross-body (bad) is prettier”. 

Park Ha-sun

Park Ha Sun is known as a celebrity who frequently uses public transportation. In June, she garnered attention by posting a photo of the subway station with the caption, “Why is it that since college, I keep spacing out whenever I take the subway and keep passing by my station?”

Park Ha-sun

Park Ha Sun debuted in 2005 with the SBS drama “Love Needs a Miracle”, and later on appeared in the famous sitcom “High Kick!”. She also gained attention through various other dramas like  “Two Weeks”, “Potato Star 2013QR3”, “Drinking Solo”, and most recently, “The Veil”. At the moment, she is appearing on the MBN entertainment show “As You Want”. 

On the other hand, Park Ha Sun married actor Ryu Soo Young in 2017 and gave birth to a daughter.

Source: wikitree

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