Lee Chae-yeon talks about younger sister ITZY Chaeryeong “We don’t have any secrets”

Former IZ*ONE member Lee Chae-yeon showed a close bond with her younger sister ITZY Chaeryeong.

A showcase to commemorate the release of Lee Chae-yeon‘s first mini-album “HUSH RUSH” was held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of Oct 12th.

Lee Chae-yeon

Lee Chae-yeon told IZ*ONE members first about her solo debut. Looking at the members who started their solo activities before her, Lee Chae-yeon shared, “It was a good driving force and stimulation.”

Lee Chae-yeon

Regarding her younger sister ITZY Chaeryeong, she smilingly said, “We don’t have any secrets and we call each other often. I shared a lot of album videos, choreography videos and photos. It was originally confidential, but I talked a lot while sharing them with my younger sister. She told me many things in detail as if it were her own work.”

itzy chaeryeong

Lee Chae-yeon, who received a long message from Oh My Girl Seung-hee, expressed her gratitude, “She encouraged me to do well for myself. She sincerely worried about me and cheered for me.”

Meanwhile, Lee Chae-yeon’s first mini-album “HUSH RUSH” was released at 6 PM on Oct 12th.

Source: daum

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