BLACKPINK to set a new record as “Pink Venom” MV surpasses 80 million views in 21 hours

After 2 years, BLACKPINK is back and taking the Kpop realm by storm

On August 20th, the making film video for BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” MV was released. 

Here, insteading boasting their fatal auras like in the music video, BLACKPINK showed a bright and pleasant utmost fear throughout.

In particular, Jennie and Lisa, who slayed with their old school hip-hop vibes on top of a bustling beat, made fans laugh with their lovely off-screen image. 

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The same goes for Rosé with an electric guitar and Jisoo, who plays the Korean instrument Geomungo. The duo showed off their free-spirited swag and drew admiration from viewers with their perfectly sharp group dance.

It was also revealed that one of the mysterious figures wearing black cloth in Jisoo’s geomungo playing scene was Lisa. After filming the scene, the female idol took off the goggles that covered his face and smiled at the camera, adding to fans’ enjoyment.

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The “Pink Venom” music video is receiving enthusiastic responses from global fans as it boasts a spectacular visual beauty with the highest production cost in YG’s history.

In addition to traditional Korean elements such as the geomungo, sundial, and braids, BLACKPINK’s limitless concept digestibility and powerful performance in a variety of sets made it impossible for viewers to take their eyes off the MV.

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The New York Times of the United States praised the music video of “Pink Venom,” saying: “BLACKPINK has once again blown a new wind with their music, which was considered no longer new.” 

In addition, the New York Times added, “Blackpink has proven that the ‘aesthetics of maximalism’, which was only talked about in philosophy, also exists in art.”

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On the other hand, the music video for “Pink Venom”, which was dropped at 1PM (KST) on August 19th, surpassed 80 million views within 21 hours of release, and is expected to top the  “Most Viewed Videos in 24 Hours”. 

If this trend continues, then “Pink Venom”  will likely become the fastest MV of a Kpop girl group to record 100 million views, surpassing “How You Like That”, which managed such a feat in 32 hours.

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“Pink Venom” is also showing their excellent digital performances, having topped the iTunes song charts in 69 countries and regions on the first day of release. 

Meanwhile, the song is also doing exceptionally well on Korea’s major music charts, having topped Bugs, Vibe, Genie, and immediately entered the Melon Top 100 and topping it soon after. “Pink Venom” is also expected to be able to achieve a “Perfect All Kill” soon.

Source: daum

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