After hanboks in “How You Like That”, BLACKPINK praised for once again promoting Korean traditional culture in “Pink Venom” 

BLACKPINK is making headlines with the MV teaser for their pre-release single “Pink Venom”. 

The MV teaser for BLACKPINK‘s comeback pre-release track “Pink Venom” was released at midnight KST on August 17th. Although it is only 23 seconds short, the splendid visuals and sound are enough to showcase the scale of a MV with the highest production cost in YG Entertainment’s history. 

Symbolic images such as a raging sandstorm and a giant clock pendulum adorned the introduction of the MV teaser. Then, the hands playing the geomungo and the characters wearing black appeared, creating a majestic yet mysterious atmosphere.

Following the modernized hanbok outfits that created a craze during BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” promotions, the group once again implemented Korean traditional culture into their music with “Pink Venom”. In the teaser, BLACKPINK introduced the world to the rustic sound of Geomungo from Goguryeo and the grand image of the Angbuilgu sundial from Joseon era. Both are valuable Korean heritages listed in the 100 symbols of Korean culture according to Arirang TV. 

Geomungo is a traditional 6-stringed instrument made in Goguryeo during the Three Kingdoms period. When playing Geomungo, the musician plucks the lute with a stick-shaped instrument about 16 cm long. This is also considered unique to Geomungo compared to other traditional string instruments in Asian culture. 

After watching the teaser, Korean netizens have been pouring compliments for BLACKPINK and YG’s production team for their efforts to promote Korean traditional culture to the world.

During BLACKPINK’s comeback with “How You Like That” in 2020, major media channels such as Vogue Korea, JoongAng Ilbo all published articles about the impact of BLACKPINK’s modernized hanboks. Professor Hwang Yong Seok at Konkuk University said, “The influence of K-pop idols through social media platforms is growing. They have contributed to the development of Korean culture. In the case of BLACKPINK, we affirm that Korean cultural products have global marketability. The spirit of creative challenge in culture is very appreciated.”

“Pink Venom” will be officially released on August 19th at 1 PM KST. BLACKPINK will appear in a “Countdown Live Stream” on their official YouTube channel an hour before the song comes out and tell the story behind “Pink Venom” MV. 

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