BLACKPINK’s first series of achievements 

BLACKPINK’s “PINK VENOM” shows its positive-looking future in the first few hours of release. 

blackpink pink venom
BLACKPINK officially returned to the music race after two years of absence. (Image: BLACKPINK’s YouTube screenshot) 

In their digital performance, “PINK VENOM” has a grand release at first place on MelOn, first on Bugs, second on Genie and 46 on Flo, measured in real-time. The song helps BLACKPINK become the girl group with the highest stream on MelOn in 2022 with more than 57 thousands. “PINK VENOM” also surpassed 400 000 sold digital albums in China. 

“PINK VENOM” has prospective records.
blackpink pink venom
“PINK VENOM” does not limit its reach in Korea. (Image: BLACKPINK’s YouTube screenshot) 

Upon their release, “PINK VENOM” reached 2.3 million views for their premier, breaking their own record established by their song “Ice Cream” with 1.7 million views. In just 52 minutes, BLACKPINK’s new work recorded 10 million views.

blackpink pink venom
BLACKPINK broke their own record with their newest comeback “PINK VENOM”. (Image: BLACKPINK’s YouTube screenshot) 
“PINK VENOM” MV reached 10 million views after nearly 1 hour of release.

Previously, BLACKPINK attained 1.5 million preorders for their second full-length album “BORN PINK”. Korean media speculates that the figure will continue rising until the album is officially released in September 2022. BLACKPINK also established a new record of highest preorder number in 24 hours on Ktown4U with 142 thousand preorders. 

BLACKPINK recorded a whopping album preorder sales despite being 1 month away from distribution. (Image: YG Entertainment) 
The group is expected to garner more impressive achievements. (Image: YG Entertainment) 

Their “PINK VENOM” tease also accomplished formidable achievements after 24 hours of release. On YouTube, their video reached 15.7 million views and recorded 2.4 million likes, securing for them a place in the top 5 K-pop teasers with highest viewership. At the same time, the video also achieved No.1 Worldwide Trending and was widely watched in 71 countries. 

Not only their MV but the group’s teaser has also accomplished impressive achievements. (Image: BLACKPINK’s YouTube screenshot) 
blackpink pink venom
“PINK VENOM”  promises to make even more records. (Image: Image: BLACKPINK’s YouTube screenshot) 

“PINK VENOM” is a hip-hop song that is intertwined with musical elements by BLACKPINK. This is their trailblazing song that hallmarks their return with a second full-length album “BORN PINK”. “PINK VENOM” is applauded for the flexible combination between modernity and tradition. 

blackpink pink venom
BLACKPINK sophisticatedly promotes their culture through “PINK VENOM”. (Image: BLACKPINK’s YouTube screenshot)
blackpink pink venom
BLACKPINK members all look stunning in their comeback music video. (Image: BLACKPINK’s YouTube screenshot)

Prior to the MV release, the group made their public appearance at a press conference. Rosé shared: “Instead of fixated on breaking records, we want to focus on our new songs with hopes that our fans will like these songs. This is not for record-breaking, but to bring a treat to our fans”. 

BLACKPINK’s official comeback heats up the K-pop music race this August. With their powerful comeback, the audience believe they can still garner many more accomplishments.

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