From BLACKPINK Jisoo to Son Seok Gu: favorite perfumes of Korean stars

Different Korean celebrities reveal different picks for their favorite perfumes, all of which perfectly match with their image. 

Perfume is similar to clothes. It can change one’s image depending on the scent it carries. In fact, one can infer a person’s personality by the perfume they wear. In that sense, perfume can be considered as a means to attract people. So, what perfumes do stars wear? Here is a compilation of the perfumes loved by stars.

Davichi Kang Min Kyung: Santa Maria Novella – Rosa Gardenia

Kang Min Kyung recently introduced her favorite perfumes on her personal YouTube channel. Among them, she expressed her affection for the product Rosa Gardenia from Santa Maria Novella, saying, “I wash, apply, and spray with this scent every night”.

This perfume, which features the scent of roses and gardenia flowers, is described by Kang Min Kyung as “a scent that people who like musk and floral fragrances will definitely love” which resembles “rose milk tea.”

Crush: Dior – Spice Blend

Crush, who is rumored to be a perfume enthusiast, revealed his fragrance picks during his appearance on “My Vogue” in the past. Among the three perfumes he brought, the male singer chose Dior’s Spice Blend as his favorite. 

Crush, who usually prefers rose scents or sweet fragrances, expressed his satisfaction with Spice Blend, saying, “It is spicier compared to fragrances like Byredo’s Mojave Ghost or Maison Margiela’s Lazy Sunday Morning, but I just like it.”

Uhm Jung Hwa: Frederic Malle – Portrait of a Lady

Even Uhm Jung Hwa’s perfume, which was unexpectedly revealed through her close friend Kang Min Kyung, is intense. According to the later, Frederic Malle’s Portrait of a Lady has such a unique scent that made her exclaim, “It’s so cool… It has such an unusual fragrance.” 

This product, known for its smoky and solid floral scent, as if portraying a seductive and elegant lady, is also well-known as a perfume loved by volleyball player Kim Yeon Koung.

BLACKPINK Jisoo: Miss Dior – Blooming Bouquet

Jisoo, who sprays perfume to feel better when she’s in a good mood, mentioned Miss Dior’s Blooming Bouquet as her go-to. In particular, the idol-actress confessed, “I have this perfume for spraying and another one for applying. As soon as it comes out, I buy a large quantity and keep it.” 

Dior’s Blooming Bouquet is known for its refreshing floral scent, giving a feminine, subtle, and elegant feeling.

Son Seok Gu: Armani – Vert Malachite

Son Seok Gu’s signature perfume that he has been using persistently is Armani’s Vert Malachite. Talking about this fragrance, the actor revealed, “I became deeply attracted to this fragrance after receiving it as a gift from a friend by chance. I have been spraying this perfume almost every day for five years.” 

According to his expression, Armani’s Vert Malachite boasts a “unique scent” and exudes a strong presence of white flowers such as lilies, jasmine, and ylang-ylang, leaving a fresh and subtle lingering aftertaste.

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