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North Korean defector reveals the story of her 3-year-old daughter being kidnapped by human traffickers, “She was sold for only 550,000 won”

A broadcaster confessed about seeing her daughter being taken away by human traffickers on their defection from North Korea.

Lee Soon Sil, a North Korean defector who is selling rice cake, appeared on the broadcast of MBN’s program “Exclusive World” on January 26th.

Lee Soon Sil confessed that she was looking for her daughter, who was taken away by a human trafficker for as long as 17 years while they were defecting from North Korea, drawing regrets from viewers.

Lee Soon-sil

Lee Soon Sil followed her father, who was a soldier, and worked as an army nurse. After being discharged from the military, she and her young daughter lived a poor life wandering here and there without a home.

Lee Soon Sil said she eventually decided to defect from North Korea for the sake of her starving 3-year-old daughter. However, a human trafficking group kidnapped her daughter while they were on the way to South Korea. 

She burst into tears and said, “My daughter was sold for 3,000 yuan (China’s currency) in front of my eyes”. According to the exchange rate today (January 27th), 3,000 yuan is about 540,000 won.

Lee Soon-sil
Lee Soon-sil

Lee Soon Sil explained the situation at that time, saying “They took my kid as soon as they saw us. My daughter must have been very scared when being kidnapped by a strange man. She kept looking for me, calling ‘Mom, mom’, and I also screamed, ‘You can’t take her. Please give me back my daughter’.”

She continued, “He held my daughter tightly when bargaining for 2000 won, 3000 won, 5000 won. The human traffickers were selling people like dogs and cats”.

Lee Soon-sil

Lee Soon Sil couldn’t get her daughter back and eventually defected to South Korea alone. Since then, she has been working hard in order to find and meet her daughter again.

In fact, the reason Lee Soon Sil worked as a broadcaster was to let more people know about her situation.

Lee Soon-sil

She said, “If my daughter is still alive, will we meet again when Korea is unified? When I meet my daughter, I want to tell her that her mother drew pictures of her face, made rice cakes and kimchi and started making money in South Korea. I want to tell her that I’ve come this far for her”.

In addition, Lee Soon Sil said she understood the fierce situation back then when she had no choice but to be separated from her daughter. She expressed her earnest wish to see her daughter’s face again.

Meanwhile, Lee Soon Sil, who is currently selling rice cakes, earned 380 million won in monthly sales, which was a great success.

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