Former Lovelyz Ryu Su Jeong cause people to worry, “You’re going to get sick”

Ryu Su Jeong, a former member of the group Lovelyz, aroused concern with her fashion that feels ill-fitted for winter. 

On December 7th, Ryu Su Jeong posted several photos on her Instagram. In these, the female idol can be seen wearing a crop top and showing off her belly despite the extremely cold winter weather. 

She still dons a jacket, but it was not zipped up, thin, and looked barely able to keep out the cold. 

lovelyz ryu sujeong instagram

Upon seeing this, Seo Ji Soo, a fellow member from Lovelyz, vehemently scolded Ryu Su Jeong’s exposure by leaving the comment, “Ya!!! That’s!!!! So much belly!!! One of kind!!!”

lovelyz ryu sujeong instagram

Netizens also expressed worries about Ryu Su Jeong’s fashion choice, and left advices such as, “Cover your stomach because it’s cold”, “I’m worried about Sujeong’s stomach”, “Wear a little more warmly. You’ll get a stomachache”, and “You look cool, but think about your health first in winter.”

lovelyz ryu sujeong instagram

After making her debut as a member of Lovelyz in 2014, Ryu Su Jeong has gained attention with numerous hit songs such as “Ah-choo”, “Destiny”, and “Twinkle”. However, Lovelyz disbanded in November 2021. 

lovelyz ryu sujeong instagram

Afterwards, Ryu Su Jeong established the independent label “House of Dreams” and released her new single “PINK MOON” in November.

Source: wikitree

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