Female Stars’ Fashion at Recent Events: When Overdoing It Becomes a Statement

While some stars perfectly match their outfits with the atmosphere of the event, others tend to go overboard with their fashion choices, showing off a “more is more” aesthetic. 

Let’s take a closer look at the fashion of some Korean female celebrities who have gone beyond the trend and embraced this “more and more” style.  

Lee Ji Ah’s outfit featured a simple top paired with a glittering, flashy skirt. The top, which gave off a dull vibe, was made more exciting with an outrageous cut-out detail that revealed the back and waist, adding a stunning contrast to the outfit. 


Despite the bold details of the clothing, the top and skirt did not seem to complement each other well, giving the impression that they were two separate pieces. In addition, Lee Ji Ah’s regrettable pose of turning only her back to the camera left an unclear impression of her outfit.

Meanwhile, Go Min Si made a bold statement with her decision to wear a maxi dress that reached her ankles. Her outfit was covered in logos, which drew the viewer’s attention. Her handbag, high heels, and tights were all styled with an inverted logo pattern, making her attire truly unique. 


The dress’s color was so similar to her skin tone that it appeared as if she was wearing see-through clothing, which added another level of excessiveness to her already over-the-top outfit. One might wonder if the brand was satisfied with such an excessive look.

Kim Hieora’s outfit was true to her name, as she wore a completely white ensemble in front of the similarly white photo wall. Her white jacket, pants, and tube top all blended together with the background, creating a surreal vibe. 


However, her inner tube top was bold and revealing, making the look rather awkward. It would have been better if she had chosen a more chic item such as a shirt or blouse to complement her charismatic attitude.

Soyou was seen wearing a nude-colored suit set, featuring a power-shouldered blazer and wide-legged pants, creating a chic atmosphere. However, the color combination of the suit with her skin tone was a bit awkward. 


The enlarged shoulder details and the seemingly forced shape of the blazer made the overall look a little bit suffocating. The combination of these details and the suit color did not match well, making the outfit appear excessive.

Jeon So Min opted for a three-piece suit consisting of a blazer, vest, and pants, aiming for a classic vibe. However, the average length of the blazer and the material of the vest made each piece give off an old-fashioned vibe.


The suit, which was too formal for her small and delicate figure, was a bit disappointing. If she had to wear a suit, she might have looked better if she had opted for a more casual fit.

Source: Naver 

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