Former AOA Member Shin Jimin Makes Solo Comeback as Vocalist and Talks About Her Journey on Radio Show

Shin Jimin, who left AOA due to bullying controversy, has made a solo comeback after a two-year hiatus.

Shin Jimin appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon” broadcast on March 8th.

shin ji min

Shin Jimin recently made a comeback by releasing her first EP album “BOXES”. She talked about her recent activities, saying, “I started a diet because I gained a lot of weight. I wanted to lose some weight. The manager recommended chicken breast and steamed eggs, but they ended up being fried.”

She also shared her hobbies, saying that she enjoys climbing with former AOA member Seolhyun. Shin Jimin said, “Climbing breaks down barriers one by one, and the sense of accomplishment is no joke.”

Shin Jimin explained her first solo album, saying, “It is an album that means leaving the old me behind and becoming a new me. It’s not as flashy as before, but I think it’s an album where I can be a little more honest.”

shin ji min

The title track ‘Sympathy’ contains the meaning of empathy and compassion. Shin Jimin said that she started making the album with this song and explained, “It means leaving the past behind and becoming a different me with confidence, showing everything.”

Shin Jimin, who returned as a vocalist instead of a rapper, said, “During my hiatus, I was still working. It wasn’t a time where I stopped since two years ago, but it was a time where I kept running.” Kim Shin Young said, “It’s slow, but you’re moving forward little by little. It’s heartwarming and emotional.”

As for the artist she wants to collaborate with, Shin Jimin mentioned rapper Penomeco and sent a message to him, saying, “Please sing a song with me.”

In the “Traveling with One Person: Seolhyun vs. Kim Shin Young” question, Shin Jimin chose Seolhyun, saying, “Shin Young unnie is a great planner, so traveling with her would be busy. If I travel with Seolhyun, we both would just lie down.”

Shin Jimin made her debut as a member of AOA in 2012. She left the group in 2020 amidst bullying controversy surrounding former member Kwon Mina. After declaring a hiatus from activities, Shin Jimin signed an exclusive contract with Alomalo Entertainment in July last year and started anew. She recently showed her potential as a vocalist through JTBC’s “The Second World.”

Source: Daum.

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