Following the footstep of BTS, TWICE releases a movie about the tough process of making concerts

These will be the most authentic footage recorded during the girls’ recent tour.

After BTS caused a storm among the ticket offices around the world, K-POP fans continued to enjoy another documentary from TWICE called “TWICELAND“.

JYP Entertainment has officially announced that they will be joining CGV ScreenX to release the first documentary on TWICE. TWICE’s film will be screened with 2 large screens that make the fans feel like they are actually participating in the concert.

The contents of the film are “TWICE ZONE 2: FANTASY PARK’s unreleased moments during the “TWICELAND ZONE 2” concert. Not only will the fans enjoy the spectacular stage but they will also get to see what happened behind the scenes, along with the touching, difficult hardships that 9 girls have experienced. JYP Entertainment has released two trailers for this movie. It’s expected that the movie will be in theaters on this December 7th.

Source: Tinnhac

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