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Final Top 9 of “Boys Planet”, official lineup of ZB1 revealed

The official lineup of ZeroBaseOne (ZB1), the boy group that debuted from Mnet survival show “Boys Planet”, has been unveiled. 

On April 20th, the final episode of the Mnet survival show, “Boys Planet”, was aired live. In this episode, the final Top 9 trainees will debut as members of high-anticipated boy group ZB1 (ZeroBaseOne). 

First, the trainee who landed in the 8th position was announced to be Kim Jiwoong, who is currently an actor and was a former member of the boy group INX and the pre-debut groups B.I.T.  


In the 7th position is Kim Gyuvin, who is a trainee under YUEHUA Entertainment and has placed consistently high in previous episodes. Next, Kim Taerae, a trainee under WAKEONE who is known for his powerful vocals, is announced to place 6th in the show. 


Park Gunwook, a Jellyfish trainee who previously participated in the survival show “Wild Idol”, and has strong dancing skills, eventually ranked 5th in the final results. Placing in 4th is Ricky, who is under YUEHUA Entertainment. While his birthplace is in Shanghai, China, Ricky lived in the US and thus can speak 3 languages. 


In 3rd place is MNH Entertainment trainee Seok Matthew, whose ethnicity is Korean but nationality is Canadian, and thus was placed in “Boys Planet” global group. Meanwhile, the 2nd position belongs to Sung Hanbin, who is under Studio GL1DE and has consistently placed 1st in “Boys Planet”s previous survivor announcement rankings.


This leaves the center of ZB1 and Top 1 trainee of “Boys Planet” to be Zhang Hao, a Chinese trainee under YUEHUA Entertainment. Despite his short training period, he is known to be an “all-rounder” on the show. With his position, Zhang Hao has become the first non-Korean center of an idol group that debuted from Mnet’s survival show.


Finally, the 9th position belongs to Han Yujin, a trainee under YUEHUA Entertainment, who is known for boasting great talents despite his young age.

All in all, the final lineup of ZB1 (ZeroBaseOne), is as follows:

1. Zhang Hao (G)
2. Sung Hanbin (K)
3. Seok Matthew (G)
4. Ricky (G)
5. Park Gunwook (K)
6. Kim Taerae (K)
7. Kim Gyuvin (K)
8. Kim Jiwoong (K)
9. Han Yujin (K)

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