The president of JYP and GOT7 members unfollowed each other before the contract expires

The latest move between Park Jin Young and GOT7 members made many people think that the two sides have a bad relationship, it seems that this boy group will disband.

The exclusive contract between GOT7 and JYP Entertainment will end in January 2021, so the members leaving or re-signing the contract is noticed.  After the news that Jinyoung and Yugyeom discussed with the new agencies, although JYP announced that they were still negotiating with the group, the latest move between GOT7 members and Park Jin Young made many people believe that they will leave JYP

Recently, fans discovered that Park Jin Young had unfollowed Bambam, Jinyoung, and Mark on Instagram.  Except for group leader JB who was not followed from the beginning, JYP  still follows Youngjae, Jackson, and Yugyeom – who are rumored to leave the company and join AOMG as soon as the contract ends.

GOT7 disband

Youngjae unfollowed Park Jin Young and even deleted the video of him covering J.Y. Park’s song..  The male idol deleted GOT7’s photos taken with JYP president on Instagram, while BamBam removed Park Jin Young’s photos on Twitter.  This makes fans doubt they have a poor relationship

GOT7 disband
GOT7 disband
GOT7 disband

After discovering that J.Y. Park unfollowed members of GOT7, many fans took to other social media platforms such as Twitter to spread their discovery. On January 6th, Bambam responded to one of the fan’s tweets with a shrug gift making GOT7 fans that their assumptions are probably true but assuring fans not to worry too much.

GOT7 disband

Many artists such as Bi Rain, Sunmi, Suzy, … have left JYP, but the Park Jin Young often shows support for the former artists.  However, he and some GOT7 members unfollow each other before the contract expires.  Both fans and netizens were concerned that GOT7 and their agency had a conflict.

GOT7 disband

JYP was repeatedly criticized by GOT7 fans for not investing in the group.  The latest comeback with the full album Breath of Love: Last Piece (11/2020) is considered a “the last straw” when there was a misspelling on the poster, and they also had no MV teaser.  GOT7 only promoted the new song in a short week with little activity, even though this is their first comeback after 8 months.  The company’s superficial treatment makes many people not optimistic about the ability of the members to stay in JYP, GOT7 seems to disband in the near future.

GOT7 disband

Some comments:

– Why is he so bitter??? That’s what happens when you don’t treat your artists right. I wouldn’t stay in that company either.

– Honest, JYP didn’t do a good job to take care of them. I’m glad that they are going to leave them. They deserve better

– What happen? Each JYP artists always still contacting to each other even though they have disband or left the agency. I feel bad for GOT7 though, they didnt get much attention anymore.

– So this confirms they will never promote as GOT7 if they sign to a different agencies. and if they decide to form again as a group, they will never be called “GOT7” because of trademark/copyright issue just like BEAST/HIIGHLIGHT.

– JYP may be a recognised musician in the industry but honestly he’s a very petty man. We’ve heard a lot about him from Jay Park already. He’s just doing it again with Got7. It’s a pity what he did to them. They have so much potential.

– Male groups at this level don’t disband like this unless something is truly wrong. JYP better think on this or it could happen again.

– Good for GOT 7! They don’t need him anyway. The boys are finally free and ready to show the world, what they’re made of.

Sources: kenh14

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