The Grammy was postponed, would BTS’s comeback after a long break be postponed as well?

With BTS on its second long-term vacation for more than a month, attention is being paid to its official return schedule.

On January 5th, The Grammy Awards announced on its official SNS about the 64th Grammy Awards being postponed. The 64th Grammy Awards was scheduled to be held at Arena in Los Angeles on January 31st, but the postponement was inevitably decided due to concerns over the spread of the new virus variant.

BTS was nominated for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category for “Butter” released in May last year. BTS, who was nominated for the first time and had a solo stage at last year’s Grammy, is likely to attend this year’s as well.

BTS comeback

Currently, BTS is on its second long vacation since its debut. BTS took a long-term vacation six years after its debut in August 2019 and has been on its second official long-term vacation since December 6 last year.

BTS was planning to return from a long vacation to the Grammy Awards, but the schedule was disrupted due to the postponement of the Grammy. One of BTS’s publicly known schedules is an offline concert to be held in Seoul in March. However, there is a possibility that another schedule may be added in the middle as there are about two months left.

BTS comeback

During its first long-term vacation in 2019, BTS had about a month to recharge, and since then, the group had been meeting fans around the world through various stages such as the world tour and the Jingle Ball tour. Since then, the world has been in pain due to the pandemic. Accordingly, BTS has been continuing its activities to comfort fans around the world, even if they are online.

BTS, who had been working again for about a year and a half, is having time to recharge again. In particular, during their vacation in the U.S. and South Korea, fans reportedly pretended not to know BTS members even though they recognized them.

BTS comeback

BTS also did not forget its fans during the vacation. BTS members, who have always communicated with fans, opened their individual Instagram accounts at the beginning of the vacation and are delivering updates during the vacation.

For the first time since its debut, BTS spent the end of the year with his family, drawing attention from all over the world about when and where it will return after a long vacation.

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