From only 500,000 before “Single’s Inferno” released, the number of FreeZia’s Youtube subscribers is increasing crazily fast

Youtuber FreeZia (real name Song Ji-ah), who is receiving keen attention after appearing in “Single’s Inferno”, is surprised by the increase in her Youtube subscribers.

The number of FreeZia’s Youtube subscribers, which was 580,000 on the 18th last month when Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno” was unveiled for the first time, has nearly tripled and reached 1.48 million as of January 9th.

Thanks to the popularity of Netflix, FreeZia not only gained more domestic subscribers but also global fans.

freezia ig

When her Youtube exceeded 1 million subscribers on January 1st, FreeZia left a thank-you message on her Instagram, saying, “A happy news came from the first day of this new year… This is all thanks to you all, Prings”, adding, “I will repay you with more interesting videos. I love you all”.


In addition, FreeZia’s Instagram has recently recorded 2.2 million followers, 4 times more than that of before the show’s broadcast, which was 470,000 followers.

FreeZia, who will turn 25 years old in 2022, is known to have graduated from Hanyang University majoring in dancing. She is gaining huge popularity for her splendid appearance that resembles IZ*ONE Jang Won-young and BLACKPINK Jennie’s visuals as well as her sincere personality.

Meanwhile, in the last episode of “Single’s Inferno” released on January 8th, Song Ji-ah successfully ended up becoming the final couple with Kim Hyun-jung.


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