STAYC’s member grabs attention for her goddess-like beauty in graduation photo

This female idol’s graduation photo has become a topic of discussion among Korean netizens.  

Recently, Korean netizens have been talking about the beauty of a rookie female idol in school. Through only a simple graduation photo, Seeun (STAYC) stuns everyone with her pure beauty, which doesn’t change much compared to now.   

Since her debut, the rookie born in 2003 has made her way around the web for her gorgeous beauty. People say that with this look, she is completely comparable to many famous beauties of Kpop. Netizens all agree that she deserves to be in one of the top visuals of STAYC, and can even become a Kpop “goddess” if she is further promoted.  

STAYC Seeun graduation photo
The graduation photo of rookie Seeun is attracting great attention from Korean netizens.  Seeun must have been among popular girls in school thanks to her harmonious and pretty face that makes others fall in love..  
STAYC Seeun graduation photo
Right from the first days of her debut, Seeun received a lot of attention from the audience for her beautiful visuals.  Compared to the graduation photo in the past, it seems that there is no difference, she even seems to be more and more radiant.  
STAYC Seeun graduation photo
STAYC Seeun graduation photo
The female idol has the right vibe of a Korean goddess.
STAYC Seeun graduation photo
Thanks to her gorgeous, brilliant and at the same time, sharp and attractive physique, the beauties born in 2003 were praised for having the charisma of an actress.  
STAYC Seeun graduation photo
The top-notch face profile of STAYC’s visual.  
STAYC Seeun graduation photo
The female idol is the 4th generation Kpop emerging visual


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