“Figure skating queen” Kim Yuna tries bold fashion and dark makeup after marriage

Kim Yuna surprised netizens by showcasing her drastic image transformation with a bolder style after getting married.

On July 10th, Kim Yuna posted on her SNS account several photos of her new fashion magazine photoshoot without leaving any caption.

In the released pictures, Kim Yuna exudes an intense atmosphere with dark red lips. Exposing her collarbone and shoulder line, she gives off a completely different sexy vibe compared to her image in the past.  

Kim Ỵuna

Meanwhile, Kim Yuna appeared on tvN’s program “You Quiz on the Block” on June 28th, and revealed her whereabouts after marrying Forestella Ko Woo Rim. When asked if she regretted retiring after 9 years of being a figure skating queen, Kim Yuna replied, “I only felt freedom and liberation. I was like, ‘Wow, it’s over’.” 

Kim Ỵuna Ellle

Additionally, Kim Yuna, while saying that she felt like she had exhausted all her physical strength, added that she disliked the idea of exercising after retirement. However, she recently started exercising again for the purpose of treatment and maintaining her health.

Kim Ỵuna Ellle
Kim Ỵuna Ellle

Kim Yuna mentioned that she was never particularly strong in terms of physical stamina even during her athletic career and jokingly said, “I used to wish I didn’t need to breathe, but now someone told me I need to catch my breath during workouts.” Kim Yuna also shared that she doesn’t walk much and even bought a treadmill.

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