HyunA “I don’t regret my public relationship with ex-boyfriend Dawn, I can appear in ‘EXchange 3′”

Singer HyunA confessed that she has thoughts of appearing in “EXchange 3” with her ex-boyfriend Dawn.

On August 23rd, the first episode video of “Yes or Hot” was posted on the YouTube channel “TEO”.

In the video, HyunA appeared as a guest and worked with host Jeon Somi.

Before starting the games, Jeon Somi explained the rule of “Yes or Hot”, “Game has a total of 5 rounds. In each round, there will be spicy food. On each round the level of both food and question will get hotter.

She added, “If you say YES to the question PASS If you can’t say YES EAT Hot food. If you eat everything or give up you lose the game. If you want to give up you shake the hot chili doll.”


From the beginning, Jeon Somi asked HyunA a high-level question, “If ‘EXchange 3’ contacts you, are you willing to star on the show?

In a situation where you have to eat spicy food if you answer “NO”, HyunA said, “YES. I don’t want to eat it. ‘EXchange’, give me a call.

“EXchange” is a dating reality program that will form a consensus about the breakup that everyone experiences at least once, such as reuniting with an ex-lover or meeting new people.


Besides, to the question “Have you ever regretted being in a public relationship?“, HyunA firmly answered, “No, I haven’t.”

At the same time, she showed off her affection for Jeon Somi with sincere advice, “I hope you meet a kind person and receive a lot of love.

Meanwhile, HyunA broke up with Dawn in November last year after dating for 6 years.

Source: Insight

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