Actor Jung Hae In’s 2 most unlucky times being the male lead of a series

There are 2 “super unlucky” series in the career of talented actor Jung Hae In.

Possessing a large fan base and highly appreciated for his acting ability, Jung Hae In is a famous young Korean actor. He is known through prominent roles such as policeman Han Woo Tak in ‘While You Were Sleeping”, the male lead in Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food and One Spring Night, An Jun Ho in D.P, … In addition to his successful works, in Jung Hae In’s career, there are also works that are not so lucky.

Snowdrop: Steadfast in the midst of the storm of controversy

Snowdrop is one of the most controversial films of 2021. The film revolves around the chaotic political situation in 1987 in Korea. Jung Hae In plays Su Ho, who is seriously injured and has to hide in the female dormitory. Here, he meets Young Ro (Jisoo) and is taken care of and helped to hide his identity by her. Their relationship grew amid rising political tensions. As soon as the content of the film was revealed, many viewers worried and protested that the film is distorting and distorting history. The situation became tenser when many people signed a petition asking not to air the drama. Despite the public’s controversies, the JBTC broadcaster responded and set a launch date for Snowdrop.

But the audience’s rage did not stop there.  Right after the first two episodes aired with a rating of less than 5%, the drama continued to face difficulties.  Thousands of people demanded a ban on Snowdrop and a series of sponsors withdrew from the drama. JBTC has defended its work, but it seems that the battle with the domestic audience has not stopped there.  It can be said that Snowdrop is loved and welcomed by international fans, but it is difficult to conquer the Korean audience.  With Jung Hae In’s good acting skills and strong cast, hopefully the next episodes of Snowdrop will receive a lot of positive feedback.

A Piece of Your Mind

In A Piece of Your Mind, Jung Hae In is paired with Chae Soo Bin, both talented and beautiful actors.  The content is about programmer Ha Won (Jung Hae In), who accepts a lonely life because of a one-sided love that lasted for many years. Once, he meets classical recording expert Seo Woo (Chae Soo Bin) – who is drawn to Ha Won as she watches his unrequited love from afar.  The two secretly chased their own feelings and then accidentally fell in love with each other.  Possessing a gentle and slow film circuit, “A Piece of Your Mind” clearly depicts the delicate vibrations in Ha Won and Seo Woo’s minds.

But there are very few viewers who are patient enough to follow the drama’s progress.  The drama started off with a rating of 2.4% and the viewership ratings gradually decreased and then hit 1%. Many internet users complained that the drama not only has an uninteresting plot, but it also moves too slowly. As a result, tvN opted to shorten the series to 12 episodes, as opposed to the initial intention of 16 episodes. This is tvN’s lowest-rated drama in the last two years among dramas shown on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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