February Female Singer Brand Reputation Rankings: No.3 BLACKPINK, No.2 IU, the long-awaited 1st place is…

The brand reputation rankings of Korean female singers in February have been released.

On February 26th, the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced the rankings of all singers’ brand reputation in February. This list is the result of an analysis of singers’ brand big data from January 26th to February 22nd. According to the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, the rankings of female singers’ brand reputation in February revealed Taeyeon in first place, followed by IU and BLACKPINK.


Taeyeon (No.1), IU (No.4), BLACKPINK (No.5) and aespa (No.8) were female singers named in the TOP 10 of the brand reputation rankings. The rest of TOP 10 in order were Lim Young-woong (No.2), BTS (No.3), Kang Daniel (No.6), Lee Chan-won (No.7), BE’O (No.9) and Jung Dong-won (No.10).

The top female singers in the brand reputation rankings of this month were Taeyeon, IU, BLACKPINK and aespa, followed by Song Ga-in, Oh My Girl, TWICE, IVE, Red Velvet, fromis_9 and Stay C, respectively.


The following graph and table contain the results of big data analysis of all Korean singers’ brand reputation in February.

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